Which Form Of Exercise Is Suitable For Your Health, Swimming Or Running?

Jogging and swimming are both healthy sports. Both help you reduce stress, stay in shape, and help your blood circulation system work well. However, depending on the body condition that each type of movement is suitable or not. Therefore, you should consult the benefits and characteristics of both subjects to know for sure which subject you are suitable for.

Benefits of jogging

There are many benefits to running sports.

Running help you stay in shape and other benefits to your health
Running help you stay in shape and other benefits to your health

1. Better heart health

In a study that was proven and published in 2014, “Although we can only spend 5-10 minutes a day running, it also helps reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 45%”.

2. Immunity improved

A 2019 study suggests that running movements in aerobic exercise can trigger a positive response in protecting the immune system. For example, moderate and intense aerobic activities block the stress hormones.

3. Quality of sleep improved

Lack of sleep can negatively impact mental health. However, if people with chronic illness have a habit of exercising regularly, they can fall asleep 13 minutes faster than normal and sleep 18 minutes deeper than usual.

4. Release stress

A 2015 review concluded that running is one of the useful treatments, helping to reduce anxiety, depression … Because when we run, our body releases the hormone Endorphins, causing feeling comfortable, happy. Additionally, Christopherson says that if you’re running outdoors and getting morning sun exposure can provide you with a healthy dose of vitamin D, which aids in mood regulation.

5. Better physique

Jogging requires many different muscles to work at the same time, making it a great choice for weight loss. A 2018 report revealed that people who exercised 200 to 300 minutes per week were more likely to maintain stability in weight than those who exercised less than 150 minutes per week. Specifically, studies have found that running exercises during aerobic exercise help reduce belly fat, even without any changes in your diet.

However, Pete McCall, a personal trainer also reminds: “When we run, our feet always touch the ground. This causes the ground to impose a force on the body and can cause injury, especially for people with high running intensity or for people with little running technique. So the only reason swimming would be a better choice, is that it doesn’t put too much force on the body.

Benefits of swimming


What sets swimming apart from many other types of exercise, is that it has a low impact on your joints, preventing the muscles from under constant stress. That’s why, Scott Dickens, a former Canadian Olympic swimmer and Director of Strategic Partnerships at FORM, said: “Because of this, swimming is used to prevent injuries, restore and build muscle without much risk.

Water is great for resistance training, can help to tone your muscles in all areas of the body. Besides, swimming also has many other benefits.

1.  Best calories consume exercise

According to the Mayo Clinic, a person weighing 80kg, he can burn about 423 calories per hour while swimming, even though the pace of swimming is different. “Swimming uses more muscle than running and they have to work because of the resistance of the water,” McCall said.

Therefore, the amount of oxygen you have to consume will be more, leading to more calories burned.

2. Heart disease reduction

In 2016, a study found that people who have a habit of swimming regularly increase blood flow to the brain. Thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

3. Risk of diabetes reduction

Swimming at least 3 times a week will help improve insulin sensitivity and blood glucose balance. This will help you prevent diabetes.

4. Mental health improved

A 2018 YouGov poll found that swimming significantly reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety in 1.4 million adults. In addition, 43% of people who choose to swim say that swimming makes them feel happier, more active in life.

Thereby, Dickens said that swimming is a great choice for anyone, regardless of age or physical ability. He also noted that people suffering from arthritis or joint or back pain should swim more often. While running and swimming are both full-body exercises, which can improve overall health, experts say the main difference between the two is related to how much impact your joints are in. If you suffer from arthritis or have back or joint pain caused by an injury, swimming may be a better choice for you than running.

Through the above analysis, we can easily draw our own conclusions. If you are looking for a sport to practice that does not want to experience any injury during practice. Then swimming will help you do all that. What are you waiting for without relying on the swimming pool to do a few laps?

Source: Which Exercise Is Better For You, Swimming Or Jogging? Let’s Find Out!