Topaz birthstone – People who born in December should read this!

In the Birthstone chart, Topaz is the gemstone representing the December person. This stone represents intelligence, beauty, loyalty and true friendship. 

Structure of Topaz stone

Topaz is composed of Aluminum, also known as aluminum, with silicon and Flour compounds. After many studies and analyses, scientists have concluded that Topaz is a branch of the quartz family.

Topaz represents intelligence, beauty, loyalty and true friendship
Topaz represents intelligence, beauty, loyalty and true friendship

Topaz’s chemical formula is like quartz, but Topaz has a pretty perfect hardness – 8 on the Mohs scale. Its hardness just comes after only to diamond, Ruby & Sapphire.

Topaz is formed from pegmatites with holes in granite and quartz. They come in many different colors such as white, yellow, red, orange, brown, blue, purple. However, only the blue Topaz (Blue Topaz) is truly considered the representative stone for December.

Origin of Topaz stone

Topaz is found in many quarries in Brazil, most famous in the states of Gerais and Minas. Yellow Topaz is widely exploited in Mexico and Yellow, pink and blue Topaz are also exploited in the US. Some countries like Myanmar, Australia and Russia are also countries with huge sources of Topaz and famous for this rock.

The meaning of Topaz stone for people born in December

Since ancient times, people have used this stone as an amulet, a symbol of health and intelligence, helping to dispel evil, especially to control anger. Furthermore, it is also used to improve and enhance the body’s digestive system. Most especially, Topaz is capable of protecting you from the dangers of sudden accidents, the effects of fire and bringing good luck in money and health.

The Greeks believed that Topaz was able to dispel nightmares, helped relieve stress and was a symbol of loyalty. The Romans believed that Topaz could help improve eyesight. As for the Egyptians, it is considered as a talisman that protects health and prevents disease.

In addition, this stone also has the ability to soothe negative emotions, bring strength, wisdom, and arouses the master’s ability to like to conquer.

Especially, for those born in December, wearing Topaz jewelry will bring physical strength & positive energy, luck & prosperity to the owner.

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