The importance of designer handbags in contemporary fashion

Handbag is definitely a very familiar accessory for women. But unlike shoes or clothes, bags are what attracts other people’s eyes. Therefore, handbags are an important fashion item, invested by many women, especially designer handbags. And why should you have at least 1 handbag from a famous fashion house for yourself?

The charm of branded handbags

Handbag appeared for the first time in the years of the twentieth century and was the latest “postpartum” fashion item. The ancients wore something almost like a handbag in their hand, but later on as civilization progressed, the bag was not drawn with humans anymore but drawn alongside animals or servants.

After World War I, handbags were seen as a symbol of feminism. They use bags to store cash, bank cards or even keys for cars and houses and want the world to know it, to show the independence of the woman. By the 1920s, ladies and gentlemen began to carry cigarettes, cosmetics, and lipstick … that is why bags are becoming more and more important.

Over the decades, famous fashion houses such as Balenciaga, LV, Gucci, … have produced a lot of bags with a variety of sizes and prices are not cheap. Every year, we have hundreds or thousands of designer handbags from big brands with many new innovations, new innovations, but it has never been enough for the contemporary fashion industry.

While clothes and shoes can be worn according to the company’s regulations, just a branded handbag will create a highlight for the whole outfit. Therefore, there are many women who are willing to spend not a small amount of money to own themselves branded bags.

Branded bags will never stop coming
Branded bags will never stop coming

Why should women own at least one branded handbag?

Now, branded handbags are not simply an accessory to hold items, it will also speak for you about your style and class. Even if you wear expensive clothes, but paired with an inappropriate bag, the suit will not look good. But having an outstanding designer handbag can also save your simple outfit.

Women should own their own branded handbags
Women should own their own branded handbags

Branded handbags are often made of high quality materials, meticulously and precisely handcrafted so the life of the bag is very high. Not only material “longevity”, these high-end handbags also have long-term spiritual value, they are hard to be outdated and still retain their high-end luxury look for a long time. Take for example the Hermes Birkin bag that was launched in 1984 but still keeps the original design and is still fascinated and loved by many women. For reasons as above, women should buy themselves a brand-name handbag.