Fun Activities to Do While Under Quarantine

If you look on the bright side, social distancing gives you more time to do use than normal. In this post, we have compiled some fun activities to do while under quarantine for you. Check them out right away!

Fun Activities to Do While Under Quarantine
Activities to Do While Under Quarantine

Make encouragement cards

Coronavirus makes these days a scary time for almost all of us. That is why you should use this time to make some encouragement pop-up greeting cards.

Different from other kinds of cards, this 3d card is an incredible pop-up gift. It can make any recipient surprise with a delicate paper sculpture popping out when they open the card. Besides, you can make it effortlessly with a Cutpopup DIY card kit.

A paper pop-up card will undoubtedly a meaningful gift for the one you care about during a scary time like this.

 Teach yourself a new language.

Just download some helpful apps like Duolingo and Bilingual or subscribe to some famous learning foreign language channels on YouTube.

Have a virtual celebration

Don’t feel upset if your family and friend cannot join your birthday party this year. You still can celebrate it and meet them via zoom or other online platforms.

Cook new dishes

It is time to make your kitchen a master chef’s cooking place. You can consult some cooking videos on YouTube or try some new recipes on the cookbooks.

Work out at home

Some exercise can boost both your mood and health. So, what are you waiting for not to start this workout routine now?