Can You Lose Belly Fat By Swimming?

Swimming is considered a sport for everyone, whether you are old or young. Swimming is not only good for health, enhances the body’s resistance, but it also brings many other benefits. One of the main benefits of swimming is to help reduce belly fat, lose weight. Let’s find out how swimming helps in reducing belly fat through the following article:

Benefits of swimming:

  • When you swim, you must exercise most of the major muscle groups: arms, legs, torso, and abdomen.
  • – When you went to the pool, you had to move your body for 10 minutes to relax the muscles, avoid muscle cramps. This also helps you to warm up and wake up your body.
  • Swimming is beneficial for your heart and lungs. The act of breathing to swim is a great way to train your heart rate. This will help reduce stroke and heart failure.
  • Not to mention that holding your breath also helps increase lung capacity and control your breathing better.
  • Swimming helps you sleep better. For people with insomnia or poor sleep, swimming will help you solve this problem. When you are exercising underwater, you will also reduce stress significantly. And when your mood is more relaxed, falling asleep shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Swimming is good for the joints and you will not experience any injury during swimming.
  • A form of exercise that helps you achieve a slim body, significantly reduce belly fat for women.

 You will burn a lot of calories when swimming

Yes, there is research that shows that high-intensity swimming consumes more calories than running on a treadmill.

A 160-pound person burns only about 314 calories when walking 3.5 miles in 1 hour (60 minutes). And with yoga, when you practice in 45 ”you can only burn 183 calories. As for swimming, a person with 160 pounds burns an average of 423 calories per hour when swimming at low or moderate speeds.

Swimming help weight loss
Swimming help weight loss

However, with a faster, stronger swim pace, a person weighing 160 pounds can burn up to 715 calories per hour of swimming. We can mention two reasons why swimming consumes so many calories as follows:

First: swimming has a constant impact on the core muscles – the muscles of the abdomen, hips, and lower back – as these muscles are involved in supporting body balance while swimming. In addition, the leg movements of all 4 swimming styles have a good impact on the abdominal muscles: the up and down movements of the legs in backstroke and free swim style are like the foot levers in the butterfly swimming style and the breaststroke is direct. work on muscle groups in your abdomen.

Second: swimming affects all muscle groups, meaning you have to use more muscle while moving in the water. By using more muscle, you also burn more calories. And remember, any calorie-burning activity will help you lose overall fat – including your waist area. In fact, a 2015 study in the Journal of Motor Rehabilitation found that women who swam three times a week lost much more fat around their waist and hips than those who walked three times a week.

According to experts, in order to have a good body by swimming, you need to pay attention to the intensity and duration of your exercise. If you spend 1-hour swimming, the calories burned can reach 400-700 calories, to effectively reduce belly fat, maintain at least 2-3 times/week with a period of 30-45 minutes and 400-500m swimming distance is the ideal number! You can fully control the body to burn more energy, by increasing muscle activity while swimming. While swimming, change the pace at a quick and slow pace and adjust your breathing to best suit the speed.

What style of swimming helps your weight loss effectively?

1. Freestyle swimming:

The most popular style of swimming today. This swimming style will help you gain body fat, not just the belly area. Free swimming is skillfully combined between arms and legs combined with regular breathing and movement of the whole body. All when combined will help release a great source of energy. You can use your feet to kick the water continuously, your hands will stagger and sprinkle the water backward so that the body can move forward more.

Freestyle swimming
Freestyle swimming

2. Butterfly stroke swimming:

Butterfly swimming requires fast, strong, and continuous movements. Therefore, this style of swimming will help you lose weight and remove belly fat quickly. In addition, butterfly swimming also helps the body regain flexibility and more flexible bones and joints.

Butterfly swimming
Butterfly swimming

3. Breaststroke swimming:

As the name implies, this is a swimming movement that mimics the pose and of a breaststroke swimming in water. The continuous leg stretching helps to reduce thigh fat, affecting the hips, arms, and abdomen very effectively.

Frog style swimming
Breaststroke style swimming

4. Backstroke swimming:

Backstroke is a combination of arms and legs based on the pressure of the back, neck, and thighs. The movements of backstroke help burn fat; very effective weight loss and fat loss. Technically, backstroke swimming is not that big of a difference compared to swimming freely. The only difference is that instead of face down in the water, you will lie on your back on the water and must not rotate more than 90 degrees compared to being horizontal. This swimming style requires high precision to be performed successfully.

Backstroke swimming
Backstroke swimming


It will be difficult to lose weight if you choose to swim gently and relax or swim and rest. Therefore, gradually increase the intensity of swimming so that the body burns more energy. You can swim at a slow pace at first but gradually increase your speed and distance later.
Remember, daily swim time is calculated by the actual amount of time swimming at a great pace, not the time you spend in the pool. If you only swim gently, even for 30 minutes or longer, swimming will be very difficult to help you lose weight.

Source: Is It True That Swimming Help Reduce Belly Fat? Find Out Now